Hollowpox: The hunt for Morrigan Crow by Jessica Townsend. Published by Lothian Children’s books.

She may be a Wundersmith but truly from today onwards, she is our Wundersmith.

Hollowpox: The hunt for Morrigan Crow is the third book in the Nevermoor series and it is fantastic.

Readers will follow Morrigan’s journey dealing with the knowledge that many people now know she is a Wundersmith, Manydon’t know what to think, some still fear her while some feel jealous.

Although her trusted group from Unit 919 are there to support her the whole way – standing up for her at all times.

With her new found strength as a Wundersmith, Morrigan is welcomed into a new area of the school where she begins to develop her skills in Wundrous Arts and confidence in herself as a Wundersmith.

Now all this sounds wonderful – until Hollowpox hits Nevermoor. An illness which turns gentle and kind Wunimals into momentarily terrifying creatures who rampage until they collapse and are left hollow.

Morrigan is sure she knows who is behind this – Ezra Squall – so turns to him to know more about this illness but as she does, she learns a lot more about the world she lives in and what makes people do the things they do.

Hollowpox is the third adventure filled book in the Nevermoor series which will leave you second guessing yourself until the end. You might even start to like a character you never thought you would. 

Buy your copy today from Booktopia


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