Australia under the sea. 1,2,3 by Frane Lessac. Published by Walker books

On a coral reef in the big blue sea, count the ocean creatures 1,2,3.

Australia under the sea 1,2,3 is a brightly illustrated counting book that not only teaches children to count along, they will also learn a lot about the animals and habitat they live in.

The coral reef is something many children have heard on but knowing which animals live there is something different. From large whale sharks to tiny sea horses, scary sea snakes to sand crunching parrot fish – children will delight in seeing the animals living amongst the seaweed and coral.

Each double page spread has a number focus as well as facts that describe how the animal moves, eats and a special feature. One feature we loved of course was the fact that parrot fish love crunching dead coral which is then pooped out as sand!

Frane LEssac’s illustrations are always bright and fun to look at as well as informative as to how the animal looks in the wild.

Young children along with older readers will enjoy reading this book for its counting and then the facts about the animals on the coral reef. Teachers can use this book for some great springboards into lessons too:


  • Habitats – who lives on the GBR? What type of animals are these and how do they live here?


  • Counting 1-12


  • Where is the GBR and do these animals live in any other places apart from the reef?

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