One Careless night by Christine Booth. Published Walker Books.

Today, the mist still swallows mountains and winds whisper through ancient trees as creatures run wild and free. Listen. 

Threatened – Endangered – extinct. You would think we would have learnt by now what it feels like to lose something completely but we continue on; Hunting, habitat destruction, feral animals and pollution.

One Careless night is a beautifully told story by Christine Booth that tells the story of the Tasmanian Tiger how it lived and then how we as the human race have made it extinct through lack of care or respect.

The language used by Christine Booth oozes emotion as we are taken on a journey of a mother Tasmanian Tiger and her pup. We learn how she lived in the wild of Tasmanian and then how she, as the last one, was caught.

We learn facts of history through storytelling and feel how the last Tasmanian Tiger must have felt to be cold and alone.

This is an excellent book to use for literacy, science, history and sustainability lessons.

Children can look at how figurative language adds more emotion and description to a story that has only been told through history lessons.

They can understand the history of Australia and how animals have also been affected by our ways. 

They can also look towards the future and come up with ideas and actions as to how we can ensure this does not happen again by looking at which animals are on the endangered list.

In the cold of one careless night, she is gone



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