Hello Jimmy! By Anna Walker. Published by penguin books

On Tuesday night when Jack arrived, his dad had a surprise. Jack didn’t like surprises.

Jack lives with his dad sometimes and wonders if his dad is lonely when he is not there. Jack knows how this feels as he is often lonely – although he hasn’t told anyone this.

But one day his dad finds a parrot called Jimmy on his doorstep and brings him inside to keep as a pet.


Jimmy is loud, Jimmy can talk and Jimmy laughs at all of dad’s jokes and this makes Jack feel even lonelier.

So lonely that one night he decides to let Jimmy out of the house and back into the wild.

Jack realises that this was the wrong thing to do so runs out of the house in search for Jimmy but ends up becoming lost himself – until dad shows up and tells Jack just how special and wanted he is too.

Hello Jimmy! Is not only a beautiful story, Anna Walker’s illustrations are divine. They are full of detail and emotion that readers will engage with and find more of the story within.

This story will help children who are living between parents or even feeling s bit left out at home that they are wanted. It may also help adults to see how important it is to engage with our children on a daily basis. 

Hello Jimmy! by Anna Walker Is a story to share and think about what can come between us and what can bring us together and the fact that it ends with a camping trip is perfect! 


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