Kid Book Creator Capital by Adam Wallace – COURSES FOR AUTHORS.

The aim of Kid’s Book Creator Capital is to give every creator a chance to inspire as many kids as possible.

Because that’s where the magic happens, where books and reading and writing and drawing become exciting for kids.

Are you a budding author? Or perhaps an established one who needs some tips on how to make your school visits a lot more engaging and fun?

Time to visit award winning author – Adam Wallace’s new website full of courses at not only an affordable price but also an easy to use format.

The courses are broken up into short videos that you can watch in any order at any time which I really enjoyed as trying to juggle paid work along with a writing hobby – I need courses that are not time specific and easy to use. So a course that I can access when I only have 15 minutes to sit down is perfect!

Adam provides great examples and even short activities for the participant to take on so that they can not only become a better writer and presenter but also have a better mindset towards themselves as someone who could make money from their writing skill, not a struggling artist that seems to be painted as the successful way to be a writer – but we all know that’s not what we want!!

Each course: School visits, Making Money, Zombie Inspiration and smashing writer’s block are all worthwhile investments but can also be accessed individually.

Just Write for Kids is running a great competition to win this course so head on over to their website and enter today!

Time to check it out and become a better writer!


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