Be You! by Peter H Reynolds. Published by Scholastic.

My wish for you – no matter where your journey leads – is for you to always….Be You

Be You! Written & illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds and published by Scholastic is a heart warming book for parents and teachers to share with children of all ages so that they understand and know the importance of being themselves.

This picture book, is simply written but straight to the point – being you can take time and understanding but in the end we will always be loved no matter where that ‘you’ takes us.

In a world where we have social media and news in our faces all of the time, where we are constantly comparing ourselves to others and unsure of who we really are, this book is priceless.

Discuss what curiosity means, being adventurous, staying connected, being persistent, being different, kind and understanding.

Look into how you can be your own thinker, be okay with being alone, what patience is and how you can reach out to others for help.

Each double page spread includes Peter H Reynolds fun and inspiring illustrations along with simple words that will help readers to think about how they can take each of these characteristics on.

Be You! is a great book to refer to again and again and one to start any Personal development or behaviour discussion with.

Buy your copy today here and start helping children have better discussions about who they are.


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