Rain before Rainbows by Smriti Halls and David Litchfield

But….there are footsteps to follow. And words that are wise. A map that will guide us when troubles arise.

Rain before Rainbows explores the concept of hope and seeing the positive side of life when things get tough. Written in rhyme, each page is a short sentence that shows the reader that although there are many mountains to climb, we can hold onto dreams and although there may be dragons that creep our way, we can still see the goodness that surrounds us.

Readers of all ages will see the young girl trying her best through snow storms and dark forests yet at the same time relying on her friend for company and safety. The two characters work together to embark on their life adventure, to experience new things and trust in those who can teach them.

This is such a beautiful book in so many ways. The illustrations ooze not only emotion but the colours show the beauty of the world with the various shades of colour and light. The animals and plants that adorn the page display life and it’s colour without the hustle and bustle of people and city life – something we need to think more about. 

Rain before Rainbows finishes with hope that the world can be a wonderful place to live in and that there is awe and wonder in many things.

This book will inspire readers to persist, work with others and of course – get out in nature more often to see all of its rainbows!

Lesson ideas

  • Art lesson: recreate one of these pages looking at the different shades of colour
  • Rhyme: How is rhyme and meter used in this poem to explore nature?
  • Science: What are the living things that surround us? the colours and the challenges?
  • Personal development: How can we be more resilient and persistent when things do not go as planned.

Buy your copy today to explore this delightful and inspiring book


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