Obsessive about Octopuses by Owen Davey and published by Flying Eye Books.

Octopuses have inspired many myths, scary stories and dinners but this book shows and tells us that they are much more than that.

Delving deep into the waters of an Octopuses home, readers will learn about where they live, what they eat and how they survive.

Through Owen Davey’s clever illustrations, you will see the different types of octopuses out there, what their body parts are called and how they camouflage themselves in their watery habitat.

Each page is full of colour and the bright illustrations of the individual octopuses will catch young children’s attention to want to know more about why it looks the way it does.

Non-fiction texts need to be bright and colourful with short snippets of good quality information if children are going to read them – and this book does just that. The internet is an easy to access resource but often too wordy or dangerous for children to navigate on their own. This series by Owen Davey & Flying eye books make reading fact much more enjoyable and enticing. 

We loved reading about how smart octopuses are and the ‘weird’ types out there. It was also important to read how we can take care of these 8 limbed animals by doing simple actions at home.

Obsessive about Octopuses is a great non-fiction text to introduce children to using research skills through a contents page, index, diagrams and small pieces of information. It can be used in the classroom for science  – living things, literacy – research skills and also sustainability! 

Buy your copy today to learn more about these 8 limed creatures!


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