Windfall: Unlocking a fossil-free future by Ketan Joshi. Published by NewSouth Publishing

It is fair to grieve, to feel anxiety and trepidation about the near future, as the impacts already locked in begin to manifest, and momentum surges and recedes. However, we are so much closer to a pathway of improvement than any of us have been led to believe.

Windfall by Ketan Joshi a renewable energy expert, explores the dilemma behind our lack of action to embrace renewables and our constant reliance on fossil fuels.

Joshi delves deep into the conspiracy theories, the politics and often the seen to be ‘unfairness’ of renewable energy through anecdotes and well written storytelling.

Windfall is informative in allowing the reader to understand why we have not put more time, money and effort into renewables and how easily human society is swayed by big headlines, no matter how little evidence the headlines may have in truth.

This easy read is not about the ins and outs of climate change or the little things that individuals can do with their eating habits or laundry but rather a look at energy – one of the big contributors of greenhouse gases – and how we can switch it with a change in mindset.

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Ketan Joshi writes about various moments over the last ten years when he has listened to community consultations run by wind farm companies, discussed ideas with politicians and taken time to talk to why many people are so against wind and solar farms.

He explains theories and conspiracies in easy to read detail which make you wonder why some of these became something in the first place.

Windfall is a book to share around so that those around you can see the benefits of allowing solar farms and wind farms in their backyards, can see the benefits of swapping their energy companies with those who source only from renewables and voting for those in power who are ready to move away from coal.

I was amazed by many of these stories than Joshi told about wind and solar farms so I hope that this book can be spread far and wide to dispel conspiracies and help everyone to see that renewable energy is the only way forward.

Buy now to find out more about why we need to move forward on renewables today


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