Squidge Dibley Destroys everything by Mick Elliott

This is my best friend, Squidge Dibley. He’s stuck deep, dark and seriously scary cave far beneath our school, Craglands South Primary

Children will not be able to put this down or get distracted whilst this book was being read – so that’s a sure sign of not only a great story but also engaging writing.

You may have met Squidge and Pad before on other Squidge Dibley adventures by Mick Elloitt but this one is the most adventurous yet!

6PU are back and this time the trouble starts with the once banned talent quest – the trouble isn’t the array of acts being performed it’s the lurking Mr Hoovesley who is trying to wreak revenge for being demoted to school janitor!

6PU will have to overcome an underground bunker, brain controlling nits and Craglands sewage system if they are ever going to get out of this one!

Children will love this story with the many relatable characters, the crazy antics, the teachers that make a difference and of course revenge on those mean ones!

There are many funny books out there aimed at young readers filled with crazy stunts, burps and farts but this one – although it has all of them –  is so well written that children and their adults will love reading AND it will also encourage better writing and reading skills.

Where to with this book

Read more of them! Another review too – Squidge Dibley

Check out Mick Elliott’s page: https://mickelliott.me

Create your own class adventure using a narrative text type.

What are you waiting for – Buy now and start reading soon


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