The human body survival guide by George Ivanoff

The Human body is a truly amazing work of art but when you think about it for too long, it is pretty gross too!

 From skin to internal organs, The Human Body Survival Guide is a great way to engage children in the workings of the human body and what goes on in there and George Ivanhoff has managed to condense all the grossness down to the language that kids love, can read and enjoy – poo, snot, burp, farts and guts!.

Broken up into chapters according to where the organ is, readers will learn about the nice facts and then soon enough – the gross ones. Each chapter also tells a story about something disgusting like leeches, glue ear or microscopic bugs that inhabit our lives!

Penguin have designed this book very well for younger readers with photographs, illustrations and boxed up information so that it can be read in snippets to engage and inform.

Non-Fiction books are not commonly used with the abundance of information on the internet, but this book is one which children will pour over and learn so much from.

The Human Body Survival Guide is a great way to jazz up the science and literacy classroom – I know I will be! 

Buy The Human Body Survival Guide by Georga Ivanoff here today and start grossing out now!


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