The Forest in the tree: How fungi shape the earth by Ailsa Wild, Aviva Reed, Briony Barr and Gregory Crocetti

And in the darkness underground, we continue to shape the earth

Fungi is often a walked over organism that many people think is always dangerous or unhealthy but in actual fact, many fungi exist to ensure that life exists and without them, the earth as we know it would not function in the way it does.

You may have read other small friends books before and know how well written and informative they are for children:

This latest book engages children right from the start when we meet a small fungal spore living under the ground searching for water by stretching out fine threads from her body into the soil and rock.

From here children will see what the different fungi and bacteria look like through illustrations along with what they are using to communicate and live.

This book does not dumb the science down at all. Children will see what molecules are made up of, where different cells live and the interaction between them all. The different fungi, trees and bacteria are all given names to help children not only relate to the book but to also see that these organisms interact and know each other, just like we do with other people.

Science teachers will be able to use this book to look at life cycles from a different angle, symbiosis in forests and the chemical make up of every day compounds.

Younger readers will love the narrative style of needing to solve a problem with a happy ending.

Download teacher notes here

Books like this are vital for adults and children as the more we can understand the importance of the little things in life, the better we can care for the world around us. Now is the time to take more care of our world and now is the time to empower more children to take a stand. With education we can fully understand why we need to take care of the world, not take it for granted.

Start sharing the little things now with your class, buy here today.


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