The Lost library by Jess McGeachin

Where was the Lost Library? Surely someone must know, thought Oliver. But everyone was too busy…..

Oliver is a young boy who has just moved house and is feeling a little lonely. Luckily he is an avid reader and his love of books is helping him through.

However, it isn’t until he finds an interesting book that needs to be returned to the Lost Library that he finally makes a friend through Rosie, a book lover too.

Together with Rosie they embark on an adventure to not only find the Lost Library but to then find their way out! 

They discover many magical things within the library but they also discover the power of reading stories to calm the mind, the knowledge that is held within books and the simple act of reading out loud.

The Lost Library is a book for all librarians and teachers to share as not only will it ignite imagination it will help children to realise just how important books are to us in so many different ways. 


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