My Shadow is Pink by Scott Stuart

I’d be part of the group, of that there’s no doubt, but I cannot fit in when my shadow stands out!

Written through rhyme, this new picture book shows how being different is important and that when we realise just how special our differences are we can feel much more comfortable with ourselves.

When we meet the young storyteller in this story he tells us just how much he is ashamed of his shadow as it is pink! His shadow loves to twirl, spin and sparkle despite him not feeling that comfortable with these feelings and knowing that perhaps others aren’t too comfortable with it too.

He tries to hide his shadow but it always pops out and it isn’t until school dress up day that he finds the courage to show his shadow to everyone but this only ends up in embarrassment and shame.

But luckily for this boy he has a loving and supporting dad who realises that we should never hide our shadows and those who love us want to see them too. Soon enough after a great father and son talk, this boy sees that everyone has a shadow and that many of us have sides that we often do not show.

He learns that showing your shadow is one of the best things you can so as when you do, you can feel proud to be who you are.

My Shadow is Pink is an excellent book for all parents to have so that not only can they read this with their children, they can also realise how important supporting their child’s hopes, dreams and inner self really is. 

The bright illustrations add to the fun and engagement of the rhyme Scott Stuart has carefully created, allowing young readers not only to hear words of encouragement about being different but also seeing them too.

My shadow is Pink is a wonderful new story that should be shared with all so that children have the self confidence they need to face the ever changing world we live in today. 


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