Dry to Dry by Pamela Freeman and Liz Anelli

Colour abounds in the latest addition to Walker Books Nature Storybooks series – Dry to Dry.

Side by side sit facts and storytelling about the mesmerising place we know as Kakadu. 

Pamela Freeman weaves storytelling alongside Liz Anelli’s captivating illustrations. The readers will not only see the seasons change through story they will also feel the atmosphere of the place through the colours of the illustrations.

Dry to Dry shows not only how the landscape changes but also how the flowers bloom, the birds migrate and the insects grow.

Scientific names are given to some of these creatures along with the place name of the wetlands. The last four pages also allow readers to learn more about Kakadu, the Indigenous names of the six seasons and see a hand drawn map of the different places there are to visit. 

Walker’s Nature storybooks always amaze me with the way they are presented to both readers who devour the storytelling and those who prefer fact. Both writing styles show how important these two styles are to our learning as the illustrations bring both together, not only showing the importance of two ways of looking at Kakadu, but also showing that sometimes pictures can even be the third story. 

Dry to Dry by Pamela Freeman and Liz Anelli is one of those picture books that should be read slowly so that the details of the illustrations can be poured over and talked about. Looking closely and pages where colourful birds hide amongst the trees, ants build nests in leaves and leaves move in the breeze adds more space to wonder, learn and understand that the world in small places is abundant in life beyond what many humans realise. 

This is the perfect book for those learning more about:

Geography –  Australia  

Science – Seasons

Science – Animals and their habitats

Indigenous – language and seasons


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