The day we went to away by Stuart French and Madison Pollard

Next time you want to throw something Away, remember that there is no such place on earth!

In this timely picture book ‘ The day we went away’ by Stuart French and Madison Pollard children learn that the place we think of ‘away’ is actually somewhere.

A young inquisitive girl is the key character in this nature filled picture book who, at the start of the picture book, asks a question: ‘where is this place called away?’

Based on her knowledge of rubbish bins and getting rid of waste, unwanted or broken things, she wonders where all the rubbish does go, if people use it or if things are possibly made of it.

She embarks on an adventure which fills the readers eyes with colours of nature and happiness – until she finally arrives at ‘Away’ and sees that this place is not what she thought it would be.

But all is not lost & this book ends with an empowering note

The day we went to away has some great tips to start a waste free journey on the final page. It is a must have book for homes, schools and classrooms to inspire more action on waste reduction

Our society has a huge waste problem as often, When we are finished with plastic wrapping or broken toys we always place them in the bin with the thought that it is going away, it is out of our mind and doesn’t need to be thought about any more.

We all need to realise how important our concept of ‘Away’ is and that we can all do something about it.

TThe day we went to away links in perfectly with Science and the cross curricular priority of Sustainability – it is a great tool to use in the classroom.

Buy the book here:


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