The Inkberg Enigma by Jonathon King

Graphic novels for younger readers are becoming a lot more common place in book stores and libraries recently and this is an adventure filled new addition to this genre!

Meet Miro, a young boy who loves reading and would happily spend every day doing so, that is until he happens to see a local fisherman pulled from the water with tentacles wrapped around his leg, screaming in pain.

Miro and his new found friend Zia are unfortunately spotted by the local ‘…….’ and warned off ever mentioning this sighting which of course doesn’t stop them but like any good detective, encourages them to delve further into this mystery.

Young readers will enjoy reading this fast paced mystery and will have trouble guessing what the fisherman of the town are really up to right up until the end. Filled with red herrings, magic and friendship, The Inkberg Enigma will not only satisfy, it will leave you wondering what might happen next.

Jonathon King’s illustrations are fantastic as is the way the panels are set out in various formats throughout the book.

This is a book for those who have moved beyond the easier graphic novels and love mystery & adventure fiction.

I hope to see what Miro and Zia are up to next and if the mysteries of the sea are really solved.


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