The Daddy Animal Book by Jennifer Cossins

Daddy’s are just as important as mums so why not explore what they get up to in the animal world?

Jennifer Cossin’s The Daddy Animal Book is a short yet informative picture book that will engage readers from start to finish and teach them all about the names the Daddys of the animal world have!

From Bulls to Ganders, Hobs to Rams, these Daddy animals also do some wonderful things for their babies as they are growing up.

On each double page spread children will see the clever illustrations of the father alongside it’s children. Readers will also learn the names of the father animal and the baby animal along with some facts about what the baby can do when it is young.

Readers will be amazed to know that ducklings can swim when they are ten hours old, Wombat joeys are born the size of a jellybean and baby turkeys are called poults!

This is a great learning tool to accompanying Jennifer Cossins The Mummy animal book as well as allow children to explore life cycles, facts about animals and the families they also have.

Preschoolers up to older children will engage with this book whether it is a learning tool on it’s own or a springboard into further research.

Learning about the animal world helps children to develop more appreciation for those who share the world with us and from here develop empathy to care more for our planet.

You can borrow this book from your local library, purchase from your book store or buy it from booktopia today:


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