Pandemics and missing trees

We are still in the midst of a terrible pandemic that is claiming the lives of the most vulnerable people in our world. The elderly, the sick and the poor.

Others are also being effected but people who have compromised immune systems due to age, poor eating habits or terrible living conditions are much more likely to get sick and even if they do recover – have to return to the same environment they became sick in.

So are we, down here in Australia responsible for this pandemic ? Can’t we just blame others?

We are responsible.

Every time we purchase more ‘stuff’ we are encouraging more trees to be felled for more factories to be built.

Every time we look for the cheaper option, someone is being made to work longer hours at less pay thus searching for food.

Every time more of these factories are built people are pushed out of areas they lived with access to clean water, clean air and space – many now lived in crammed conditions amongst polluted water and smoggy skies – rendering their health less than desirable.

So what can we do, down here?

  • Buy less. enough said.
  • If you need to buy consider where the product is from over price. If it costs too much – do you really need it?
  • Consider the amount of greenhouse gas used for the product to be made and then to get here.
  • Consider who has made this. Research the company and find out how they treat the people who work for them.
  • Consider more reusable items rather than single use. Buy things that are going to last then the people who are in these awful conditions do not have to continue being there – the factories can be dismantled and the land returned to what it should be.

What can you do today?

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