Edie’e experiments: How to be the best by Charlotte Barkla and illustrated by Sandy Flett

When the opening chapter introduces you to a young girl who loves conserving water, conducting science experiments and teaching her parents a thing or two about looking after the planet, you know you have a great books.

You also know its great when your 9 year old daughter can’t put it down and you need to run in to read it when she falls asleep!

Edie’s experiments: How to be the best is set around a year 5/6 science competition that has an eco theme. The students need to come up with an idea to make their school greener and present it to the class. But with Edie’s sense of competition against Dean – her enemy, things get a little interesting with various pranks, spying games and experiments that don’t always go to plan.

This is a new series and it is wonderful. Not only is this books main character a smart and confident girl, it also has some other key characters who children will relate to.

The school antics are relatable by young readers but there are also some new situations that will ignite imagination and leave readers wondering how they can conduct some experiments of their own!

I really enjoyed the illustrations by Sandy Flett scattered throughout the text along with a couple of fun experiments written out as you would in a notebook.

Edie’s experiments is a great book to share with readers aged 8-12 and could also be a great book to use as a novel study for the classroom from years 3 – 6 (or lower for advanced readers).

What can you look at in this book as a novel study?

  • Relationships and the influences that grow friendships or start enemies!
  • How to conduct experiments
  • What science is and how we all can investigate.
  • How can we be more eco-friendly at school and come up with ideas for students own school environment.

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