Nit Boy by Tristan Bancks and Heath McKenzie

Ned, the world’s first ever jumping louse, shivered as he dragged himself across the moonscape of Lewis’ head, searching for any sign of nit life.

What a clever and funny book – talking nits, a boy who keeps them in his head like his own pets and adults who just want to kill them – I loved every part of Nit Boy!

In Tristan Bancks’ new book we meet Lewis,a young boy who has nits all of the time not because of bad luck, because the fact that he loves his nits and treats them like pets. Since Lewis has kept his nits for so long they have been able to grow in genetic strength and some have started to evolve – with the ability to jump!

Ned is the jumping nit who isn’t keen on having to save the day or be a blood drinking nit for that matter but he must survive if his genes are to be passed on and the nits of Lewis’ head are to live on.

The chapters flick between Ned and Lewis so the reader gets an understanding of what both characters are going through in this tale of survival and humour.

Not only will kids love Nit Boy, adults will too – I am sure. It’s full of laughs that all of us can relate too and I am sure many readers will also learn a thing or two about nits! Check out some fun activities you could try once you have read this book.

Could this be a novel study? Yes!

Explore the life cycle of nits

Look at the evolution of nits in this story. Investigate some other insects and animals that have evolved and investigate why this has happened.

Compare all of the different methods we have been using to get rid of nits. Find out what works and what has been proven to not work.

Discuss other ‘pests’ humans think we have to get rid of. Do we really need to get rid of them? Can we live with them in harmony? Conduct a debate about one of these topics.

Look at how Tristan Bancks has written this story by swapping who the main focus of the story is about. Look at a story you have written or write one where you swap between characters.

Why does this story need pictures? Look at some of the images and discuss how they add more to the story.


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