Who am I? By Philip Bunting

Who Am I? By Philip Bunting is a wonderful new book to share with your children, nieces, nephews or grandchildren – really any young child that you know well!

This book delves into the big questions that children ask more often these days as they are so much more aware of the ever changing world and the fact that we are all importance BUT in knowing all that, many children are still unsure of who they really are.

Social media, celebrities and constant news items often leave us asking ourselves who we really are – with many confusing ideas!

Philip Bunting enters this question with some great discussions along with bright and thoughtful illustrations. Questions such as ‘Am I my name?’, ‘Am I my stuff?’, ‘Am I my gender?’ and even ‘Am I my guts and stuff?’

All of these are great questions and the answers Philip Bunting has given are thoughtful and can lead adults to having more of a discussion with their child. 


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