A climate in chaos and how you can help by Neal Layton

One thing most scientists agree on is that we need to act soon, because if we don’t, we might not be able to stop climate change.

What a wonderful way to explain climate change to children!

A climate in chaos by Neal Layton is a non fiction picture book that clearly outlines not only what climate change is but also what we can do about it now.

The climate is in dire straits and without action today, we really are not putting ourselves and the planet in a good space.

Neal Layton explains how animals are losing their habitats and food sources because of shrinking ice caps, less habitat to live in, food being unavailable and ongoing drought. The fact that this is explained – not only the human hardships make children think that this planet isn’t just for us. We need to take care of it for others too.

This book explains the role carbon dioxide and methane play in changing the atmosphere and how with using better technology, we can start to undo the damage we have done only in the last 200 years.

At the end of the book children will discover that they can make a huge difference at home through simple actions and that sometimes the best action is being a great example to others.

This book is a great tool for the classroom and for home. It is one that is accessible for all ages and all frames of mind!


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