Rex: The rhinoceros beetle by M.G. Leonard & Duncan Beedie

Have you ever told a tall tale? But only found out soon after that it was all a lie?

Rex, The Rhinoceros Beetle has a wonderful story to tell his friend buster about his bravery and strength and Buster is very impressed….until a monkey comes along and steals his banana!

Buster asks Rex to help him out but all Rex can do is hide in the grass and hope that Buster is able to think of a way they don’t become munched by a monkey!

Rex The Rhinoceros Beetle is a fun story to not only tell children the importance of telling the truth but also some great facts about Rhinoceros Beetles. 

Rhinoceros Beetles are found every where in the world except for Antarctica and are an important insect in our ecosystem. They help to keep soil healthy and break down organic matter.

The last few pages of this story outline how we can care for these beetles and how to encourage them into our gardens.

There is also some great facts on Rhinoceros beetles here :


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