League of Llamas: Undercover Llama & Rogue Llama by Aleesah Darlison

Phillipe, Lloyd and Elloise are not your usual Llamas – they are spies, adventurers and sometimes spitters.

League of Llamas: Undercover Llama & Rogue Llama are the third and fourth book in Aleesah Darlison’s new series: League of Llamas. 

Written for children who loved humour, word play and exciting vocabulary, LOL will take you through some crazy adventures to ensure that the bad guys can be stopped and the mysteries can be solved! 

Younger readers will love the look of the covers and the blurb but may need some help with the vocabulary whilst older readers should lap up the challenging vocab and the funny word play. My young readers loved the russian chickens and their crazy accents!


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