Future Kind – Essays on raising the generation the world needs.

Practical guidance, personal reflections, and cultural critique. Edited by Elisabeth Johnson.

This book has been written for parents and those who work with children with the aim that they too can live in hope that we can make differences to how our children see the world so that they can continue to be the change some of us are trying to make now. 

Fourteen essays are included in this collection and each of them takes a look at different aspects of how we can future proof our children and equip them with the skills to be changemakers.

Topics range from getting more in touch with nature, understanding activism, Indigenous Australian and connection to country, how to understand our feelings and being more conscious about the climate.

The essays are easy to read and practical. Either giving small anecdotes or sage advice that any parent can use in this ever changing and sometimes scary world. 

I’ve found that this is a book I have picked up again and again, not to read from front to back but one to pull from an essay that speaks to me at that time – and they all have over the last few months.

I am concerned about the future and I do often lack hope that people will ever change but by knowing there are thinkers out there like the authors in this book who are delving deeper into seeking change, sharing their knowledge and teaching their own children – I can feel slightly more at ease. 

I highly recommended this book for all parents and those who are around children to not only support them to be the change but to also support ourselves and the other adults in the world who need to start to change.


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