Abigail and the restless raindrop by Matthew Cunningham and illustrated by Sarah Wilkins

One rainy morning Abigail thought of a big question. It was so big that she couldn’t think of anything else.

Abigail is a curious young girl whose mind is always full of big questions. After she has spent the day playing in puddles and watching the rain fall she cannot keep her question in any longer. “Where does rain come from?” she asks her mother who instead of just referring to the water cycle we all know of, tells a story.

Children will read along as they hear the story of a raindrop who just wants to fly but needs to work out how.

The cycle of water is told in an imaginative way with the little drop warming up in the sun, turning into steam so she can fly and eventually joining other puffs of steam to make a cloud.

Personifying rain is a wonderful way to approach this topic as not only is it a different way to look at the water cycle, it also allows children to use their imagination within the scientific world and really wonder what it would be like to change from a liquid to a gas and see the world from a different viewpoint.

Sarah Wilkins’ illustrations show serenity and life like images of the raindrop moving through its life. She shows other parts of the natural world along with the human aspects that also experience different parts of the water cycle. You’ll finish reading this book very refreshed and ready to get outside into nature!

Rain is something we all look for in times of drought and by children learning more about the cycle they can really learn to appreciate just how hard it can be for little raindrops to fly.

Abigail and the restless raindrop is a very clever story and I will be looking out for other Abigail books coming out soon.


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