Ocean animals: The weirdest, smartest and sneakiest sea creatures by Blake Chapman and illustrated by Astred Hicks.

Are sea lampreys really the stuff of nightmares, or just nightmarishly cool? You decide!

In this great new nonfiction book written for children, you will discover many ocean animals that are often overlooked when it comes to seaside discussions. 

Blake Chapman has loaded this book with some catchy headings and then in depth, yet child- friendly facts, to educate those who want to know more about the animals we don’t always think about.

Think Sea Lampreys, hagfish and white spotted eagle rays along with Tunicates, Flat fish and Dugongs – all very different and many you may never have heard of before. 

Ocean animals is a book for children to start to develop their own research skills. The images provide great information along with the written information highlighting how individual each of these ocean creatures are. 

The chapters are well organised into unexpected topics such as masters of defence, BFFs and the sea ‘smarts’. 

The final chapter then encourages young learners to explore the ocean themselves as the more we know about places, the better we are at caring for them. Blake Chapman also urges young readers to make their own waves of change so that the world is a much better place to live in. 

Here are some amazing teacher notes: https://www.publish.csiro.au/book/7881/#forteachers


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