Dogography by Maree Cootes

‘Slowly, I’ll just sniff around, ‘til all my letters have been found.”

Welcome to the world of dogs and letters! Dogography is a new addition to Maree Coote’s creations where she mixes letters with animals and comes up with some wonderful illustrations.

She has produced many different letter art books over time but this one – Dogography is a great book to capture young children’s attention as many of them have pet dogs at home.

As you read through the book you will see the clever way Maree has drawn the individual letters to make sure that the final illustration looks like the real dog.

Every dog has been created with lots of thought and detail and encourages the creative mind to whirl.

Using this book with students of all ages is a great way to integrate the use of letters in a fun way. Children can learn to write the name of their pet: the breed or their actual name, and be creative with how the word is presented – going beyond normal print and entering the world of art!


One comment

  1. Thanks so much for your fabulous review, I really appreciate your comments. I hope students are inspired to learn more about type and graphic design. Thanks again, Maree Coote 🙂


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