Scribbly Gum secrets by Dannika Patterson and Megan Forward

“Does anyone know who would draw on a tree?” asked Charlie admiring a blue banded bee.

Scribbly Gum secrets, written by Dannika Patterson and illustrated by Megan Forward takes you on a magical bushwalk in the local neighbourhood where you will see more than just trees, rocks and birds.

A family with four kids, a sunny day and a need to get outside – there is no better excuse for a bushwalk! 

As the four children and their mother wander through the bush they notice and talk about the many different animals they see – bush stone curlews, goannas and a tusk frog. But there is one thing bothering the youngest boy Charlie – why are there scribbles all over the trees?

Charlie is perplexed by the scribbles on all of the trees and can’t seem to notice anything else until he has the answer – which luckily mum finally gives him! 

Scribbly Gum Secrets is a story written in rhyme with lots of links to the Australian bush and conversations we can have along the way. Dannika Patterson has added magic to a common activity through the words and conversations the family have as they walk. And if it isn’t an activity that the readers have done before, after this book they will want to!

The illustrations drawn by Megan Forward add more magic to the bush walk with hidden animals and hidden words scrawled in the gum trees.  Children will love going back through the picture book after it has been read to find the hidden things. 

Scribbly Gum secrets is a book to inspire getting outside and looking for the small things. It is a book to show how taking the time to stop and look can teach us much more than we thought we would know. 


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