The Strangeworlds travel agency by L.D.Lapinski

Welcome, traveller, for you are amongst friends.

You will never look at an old suitcase again without wondering where it might take you after reading The Strangeworld travel agency by L.D.Lapinski. Not only will your imagination run wild with the places you will visit you will also love the characters, the adventure and the bravery.

Meet Flick, a young girl who has just moved to a small town from the city as her parents search for more green and a bigger house. Flick is not happy about this, leaving her friends and the life the loves – but what else can she do?

Needing to get away from unpacked boxes and errands Flick ventures into the main township to explore the shops, markets and the people. Feeling like everyone is starting she stumbles across a dusty old shop with the sign ‘ The Strangeworlds Travel Agency ‘ painted in read and gold paint. Without thinking she opens the door to find a a cluttered store filled with books and suitcases and a tea drinking shopkeeper named Jonathon, not much older than she is.

It is here that Flick discovers a great secret she never knew she had and also the ability to travel to different worlds through the magical suitcases.

Flick, despite feeling worried about these new adventures, embarks upon different journeys as a cartographer, to map the new worlds so fellow travellers can explore each and every one of them safely.

But the travel agency needs help and Jonathon asks Flick to be the one to sort things out before the magical multiverse disappears, kidnaps travellers and creates mayhem. She takes it on – to find so much more than she bargained for!

This Middle Grade novel will engage readers from beginning to end. The magical mystery of unknown worlds, adventures to unknown places and the characters who act just like normal kids – but with desperation to ensure they make a difference!

It’s a book to read out loud as well as alone. It’s a book to create your own magical world with and wonder – what else is really out there?

The Strangeworlds travel agency by L.D.Lapinski is a great read and a timely one to show that fighting for what is important is what matters most.


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