The Book of Chance by Sue Whiting

The door slaps shut.

There, I’ve done it.

I’ve crossed the bridge.

One life over.

Onto the next.

When a book cannot be put down – and when it has been, keeps you awake, then it is definitely the sign of an amazing book.

The Book of Chance is Sue Whiting’s latest Middle Grade novel and it is one that children aged 10 and up will devour.

This Middle Grade novel is about a young girl named Chance who has just started High school in Wollongong and lives with her mother. She shares a backyard with friendly neighbours, a sudanese family, and lives a seemingly idyllic life until she decides to surprise her mother with a backyard makeover.

The backyard makeover, based on various reality TV shows, has been set up for Nadia (Chance’s mum) as she works hard in the refugee community, helping to teach them English, fill in paperwork and settle into Australian life. Many member of the community turn up at this event to show how important Nadia is to the community, but after the renovations have been completed, Chance has other ideas.

This simple gesture of love turns Chance and her mama’s life upside down in the most unexpected way and it is this unexpected turn of events that will keep readers on their toes until the final page.

The book of Chance has been based on a true story and set in a real suburb of Sydney – making it more relatable to young Australian readers. This novel delves into the world of social media and the impact it makes on young people. Journalism and the role media plays in our lives are also explored along with character developing, the role personal history plays for each individual and community.

It is a page turner in so many ways and I cannot recommend it highly enough.

Teacher notes can be found here:


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