Scientists who changed the world: Charles Darwin

Darwin wrote that Life was a struggle. If any particular animal in a species had a useful variation, it was move likely to survive

This is the second book I have featured in the Scientists who changed the world series and it is just as marvellous as the first.

Many children may have heard of the scientist -Charles Darwin – but do they really know about all the the great things he has done for science? Perhaps not but now, through this book, they can.

This science book is a great read for children from ages 6 and up. Younger children can gain information from the photographs and illustrations whilst older children can read the information that has been set out in timelines, paragraphs, quotes and quick small facts.

Not only does this book contain information about who Charles Darwin was but it also links into how some of his research has been used by scientists who have come after him. It looks at myths associated with ‘social darwinism’ as well as how he caused a stir in the world by writing ‘On the origin of species.’

This book is very informative yet perfect for younger readers as not only can they read about his life and studies in short snippets, they can also see what he looked like and the places he travelled.

Books are a great way to get children into science and it is even better when we can read about real scientists too!

Here are some other great science books I have reviewed:

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Scientists who changed the world


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