Ten Little Figs by Rhian Williams and Nathaniel Eckstrom

10 little figs are on my tree. I love figs and they’re all for me.

Take a leap into this counting book and explore not only this little boy’s love for figs but also the Australian animals who love figs too! 

Counting through stories is a great way to learn about numbers and this book not only embeds this skill but also encourages readers to search through images to find hidden animals, insects, colours and shapes.

The story is told through rhyme and repetition allowing younger readers to read along and guess which words might come next. The animals and insects on each page are described through their actions as we see them act out the movement through the colourful illustrations.

This is a great teaching tool for younger readers.

Nathaniel Eckstrom’s illustrations are playful and full of life, highlighting the colours at play in the natural world and the aspect of hidden surprise through tails, webs and shadows.

What else can you do with this book?


Practise counting backwards from ten but also from other numbers. What if an animal took two at a time? Skip counting can also be used.


Write different words to describe how animals move.

Write a sentence to describe how many pieces of fruit are on your tree.

How would you get the last fig? 


What sorts of fruits grow on trees? Explore this and then draw one that you would like to grow in your backyard or nearby park. 

How do shadows move and change? Explore the sun and how shadows grow and shrink throughout the day. 


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