Tabitha and the Raincloud by Devon Sillett and Melissa Johns

One morning, Tabitha woke up on the wrong side of the bed. She soon discovered why


Have you ever work up on the wrong side of the bed? Or known someone who has?

We have all had days like these and this book – ‘Tabitha and the Raincloud’ is a great way to explore why we have these feelings and what we can do about it so we don’t destroy the whole day!

Feeling grumpy is a normal part of life but dwelling in that grumpiness can make the whole day terrible – often for no good reason at all. Children will see through this book what can be done to make sure our whole day does not end up thundery and wet!

Tabitha is a young girl who wakes up one morning to find a dark rain cloud hanging over her bed. She tells it to go away but this only makes her feel worse and thus helps the rain cloud to hand around. She moans to her Dad, gets grumpy with a teacher and cross with a friend and the rain cloud just keeps on raining.

It isn’t until she finds that no one wants to sit with her at lunch time that she realises that being grumpy isn’t the way to be and there are ways to overcome these feelings.

Tabitha and the Raincloud has been cleverly told with the analogy of a grumpiness shown through a dark raincloud throughout the story. The illustrations have been created through collage by Melissa Johns and really add to emotions of this story, playing on darkness and colour.

This is an excellent resource for parents to use at home to discuss feelings felt by their young children. Teachers can use this book to discuss how our actions can effect those around us throughout the day.

Exploring and becoming aware of our emotions is an important skill to build in children so that when they come across more difficult emotions as they grow older, they will know how to deal with them.

Teacher notes can be found here:


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