ANZAC day resources

The following books are great springboards into learning more about world wars, why we have them, where they occurred and who was involved and effected.

Australia Remembers by Allison Patterson

With this book, students can read from pages and study the images through literacy sessions, participate in art creations mentioned in the back pages and use maps in geography lessons to gain a better sense of where these events happened in the world. It would also assist those older students who have difficulty reading more in depth books about the world wars of the past.

Australian Remembers by Allison Patterson is a great resource for parents and teachers to share with children of all ages. This book shows that these stories will always play an important part in our society and that by reading them, talking about people who stand in these pictures and remembering the amazing feats done, their legacy will never be forgotten.

The Little Stowaway : A true story by Vicki Bennett and Tull Suwannakit


Brainstorm questions about World War One and what it was like for soldiers

Was it right to smuggle Honoré home? Students can discuss whether he should have been left in France or whether bringing him back to Australia was the right thing to do.

Can you find another true story like this one? 

What is a stowaway?

How did Honore feel throughout the book? 

Plot the feelings for both Honore and Tim on a chart that links events in the story. How are their feelings  the same and different during the story?

Write a description of TIm & Honore – characteristics, personality, looks, actions etc. 

Stowaway is a compound word. Find some other compound words throughout the story.

Visual Literacy

Why have they included real photographs?

Why are the illustrations in sepia? What is the significance of the red highlights throughout the book?

Find an old family photo from your family and sketch an activity the family does together to show more than just a portrait

Video to support learning activities:

Alfred’s War by Rachel Bin Salleh

What else can you do?

  •  Talk about war – be honest without too many details. Talk about wars that have been and wars that are still raging. Explore why they start and how they finish.
  • Talk about indigenous people of Australia, what happened to them and why. Look at the indigenous language map of Australia to see where different tribes lived and where some still live today.
  • Why were the indigenous people forgotten about?
  • Look at the different colours used on each page and how those colours make you feel.

Anzac Girl: The War Diaries of Alice Ross-King by kate simpson

The true story of Anzac girl Sister Alice Ross-King, who sailed to war in December 1914 and became the most decorated woman in Australia.

It was 1914 when Sister Alice Ross-King left Australia for the war. Nursing was her passion – all she had ever wanted to do. But Alice couldn’t have imagined what she would see. She served four long years and was brave, humble and endlessly compassionate.

Using extracts from Alice’s actual diaries kept in the Australian War Memorial, this story captures the danger, the heartache and the history of the young nurse who would one day become the most decorated woman in Australia. 

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