HumanKind: Persistence by Zanni Louise

Persistence helps your heart grow, so you can look after the world, yourself and each other.

HumanKind: Persistence by Zanni Louise is the second book in the wonderful new series that Zanni Louise has created along with illustrator Missy Turner and publisher Five Mile Press.

In this picture book we meet the same 5 children from the first book in this series: HumanKind: Honesty. In this book all of these children – Jack, Lila, Mina, Li Wei and Rosie, experience times when they need to show persistence to achieve something big or small. Each child shows that although persisting can be difficult, once we do it we often end up feeling very proud.

Persistence is difficult for children and adults alike. It can be easy to give up when things get tough and feel like we are never going to get there.

In this picture book we can see that help from others can help change how we think. Children will also learn that positive thinking from ourselves and also the realisation that nothing is meant to be easy straight away is something we can all work on. Each story shows that we all have to work at things – no matter how big or small, in one way or another.

Each little scenario in this story is spread over a double page and Missy Turner’s illustrations add fun and warmth to the difficulties the little people in this book have.

There is a story for every young reader in this book and with the parent & carer notes at the end – as done in HumanKind: Honesty, parents can provide support for their children when they experience times where they need more persistence.

This is a great resource to use at home and in the classroom. Early childhood centres would also benefit from using these books to teach these skills in a fun and easy to access way.

The book can be read from start to finish or even one double page spread per day if teachers and parents want to focus on different ways we can show persistence – the choice is yours!

Teacher resources can be found here:


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