HumanKind: Honesty by Zanni Louise and illustrated by Missy Turner.

A little bit of good in a big world….

HumanKind: Honesty is one book that is part of a series that help parents and teachers talk to their students and teachers about the important things in life.

Honesty is such an important trait that we all need to know as it is a trait that shows others that we are trustworthy. When children know other are trustworthy and they themselves are also seen as being trustworthy – they can make meaningful and long lasting connections.

HumanKind: Honesty has been set out for children through short stories involving 6 characters who al children will relate to. Each story takes part various situations and shows how different children can have difficulty with being honest. It shows how it can be normal to not want to be honest but it also shows the children that once they are, they feel so much better.

Missy Turner’s illustrations are vibrant and alive, allowing this book accessible to even the younger readers through the illustrated spreads showing how the characters act and feel.

HumanKind: Honesty is not only a picture book, it also provides information for parents and teachers at the end through some suggested discussion questions, examples of when adults have remembered when they were not honest and also notes from Dr Ameika Johnson, a psychologist who gives parents supportive ideas on what to do if their child is dishonest.

HumanKind: Honesty is a book that supports parents and children to delve into the bigger topics with support. It engages children and allows them to see themselves in each story – which is so important if we want them to take something away.

Teacher notes can be found here


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