A unit of work on Dinosaurs!

We all loved reading T-Veg but now it is time to delve further into the world of dinosaurs.

Here it is – the most coveted topic of the year, or decade or century or millennia…

Set the scene:

Imagine that you are a mad scientist.

You want to recreate a new type dinosaur that can live on Earth in the year 2020 .


Choose three dinosaurs that you like. You will need to research this using books or online resources. Write down 3 facts about each dinosaur that you think would help to create a brand new dinosaur. Make sure these dinosaurs could be joined together somehow. 

Website: https://www.sciencekids.co.nz/dinosaurs.html

Draw your new dinosaur and label it.

Describe where it would live in 2020 (which country and habitat – jungle? Desert? rainforest?), how it moves, what it eats, if it lives alone or in a herd (you’ll have to make more than one then!)

Using a Venn diagram explore the differences between a dinosaur living in 2020 and a dinosaur living millions of years ago. What is the same? What is different?


Could your dinosaur live on Earth in 2020-  How will it survive? Where would it live? How can you keep it safe from humans? How can you make sure it doesn’t harm humans? Draw and write your ideas.

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