Errol’s Garden by Gillian Hibbs

What I really wanted was a real garden

Errol’s Garden written by Gillian Hibbs and published by Child’s Play Inc is a marvellous picture book that shows children just how they can all grow something from scratch – with a little bit of help.

We meet Errol, a young boy who loves growing things on his windowsill and balcony but is looking for something more.

After thinking and wondering about what he can do, he notices that his apartment has a top level he has never been to before – which turns out to be the roof and this is where his dreams come true!

With the help of his family and then with his neighbours, Errol is able to create a community garden of his dreams!

With less words and bigger, brighter illustrations, this picture book is suited for younger readers yet can also work well for older children who want to see the ideas that are needed to make their own garden.

Children will learn about the importance of community and how everyone can bring something different to the growth and change of a place.

Errol’s Garden by Gillian Hibbs will inspire your young people to grow something – even if it just starts with some herbs on the windowsill, sprouting a celery from the base or experimenting with apple seeds.

Childhood is the time to foster wonder, love of the world around them and an understanding that they can rely on those close by them, not just the big corporations and supermarkets for joy and life

So what can you do with this book?

Check out my teacher notes for this book and contact Annie Currie for a copy of your own.

Annie Currie:

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