Fauna: Australia’s most curious creatures by Tania McCartney

Let’s explore our curious creatures!

Love animals of Australia? You’ll love this book.

Each double page spread covers animals from all areas of our continent and within many of the varied genus’.

Each double page spread informs the readers about the animal, where it lives, what it eats and the different things it gets up to! There are maps, diagrams and visuals to show how big or small something is. There is also a key throughout the book to show if any of these animals are endangered, threatened or vulnerable.

Tania McCartney’s llustrations are fun, informative and true to life. They add more depth to the written text and also allow younger readers to engage in the content.

Towards the end of the book readers can learn about what extinction means , the animal family tree and how Australian animals have interested us for many years.

Tania McCartney & NLA publishing have created a marvellous resources here which makes learning about Australian animals fun and informative for younger researchers!

Find some great teaching notes here:



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