Our house is on fire by Malena and Beata Ernman & Svante and Greta Thunberg

The climate movement has a key that fits all the doors, but no one wants to accept help from it. Either they’re too proud, or else they don’t see that the solution is right in front of them. Or they don’t want to lose all the privileges that the climate movement opposes. ‘Okay,’ Svante says. ‘Say that again, exactly the same, and I’ll write down every word.’

Written largely by Malena Ernman, this is Greta Thunberg’s family’s story and also their discussion on how do we as parents support our children whose future is going to be very different from our upbringing – unless we act now?

We meet Malena (Greta’s mother) and hear about her experience of coping with two children who are highly distressed at the state of the planet, their diagnosis with ASD and ADHD and their raw vulnerability in this confusing world.

The book is set out in Acts, short snippets of the daily life of the Ernman-Thunberg family which are a mixture of emotions through short stories and memories. These are all the emotions families feel : happiness, laughter, sadness and hope.

Malena and Svante (Greta and Beata’s parents) are not only up against a fight against the education system who cannot adequately support students with learning difficulties , they are also up against two girls who will not stand down until action for climate change is on every country and politicians agenda- and many of us are so thankful that they did not stand down but rather supported them.

There are many great quotes in this book that you can draw on, so many stories they have shared about every day battles and despite all that happens – lots of hope.

All who are looking for hope should read this and see that anyone can make a difference, despite what has happened on their journey to get there

Greta’s activism is remarkable but the family she has behind her is just as remarkable – without their perseverance and support Greta would not be the spokesperson for climate change that she is today.

Share this book with high school students and parents and teachers of younger children, read it and share the ideas. Feel the feels and show that understanding.

This book is inspiring and a must read – especially while you have the time to consider how you can make more of a difference – and tell those in power that they need to make a difference now.

We are all in this together, a finite planet without finite resources and we need to act now.


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