Toothbrush-brush – a unit of learning


How many toothbrushes are in your household right now? How many of these are used, being used or unused?

Knowing this, how many toothbrushes does your family go through every year?

How long do you brush your teeth for? Does everyone in your house brush your teeth for this long? Add up the total minutes of family brushing per day.

Measure the length of your toothbrush. How many toothbrushes could lie end to end acrss one room of your house?

What does your toothbrush weigh? How many would you need to weigh as much as you?


Who is the Tooth Fairy? Write a story making sure the Tooth Fairy is a main character. Explore why the Tooth fairy collects teeth and wonder if the fairy a male or female?

Write a persuasive text as to why you should brush your teeth every day. 

Poetry on teeth : Teeth


What do teeth look like?

How many teeth are in your mouth?

Explore why we need dentists and tooth brushing!

You could even explore the problems people have with teeth. 


How do your toothbrushes add to landfill? 

Discuss toothbrush collection programs to reduce this and how you can help.


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