The night of the hiding moon by Emma Allen and Sher Rill Ng

Late one night, Felix heard a thousand giants march across the sky and the round silver moon went into hiding.

Felix is a young boy, alone in his room on a thundery and dark night – but luckily he has his imagination and a torch!

Felix uses his hands to create a shadow who helps him to become brave and strong and so he creates more! 

The shadows inspire stories and a journey into a world full of golden light and adventure. They inspired imagination, wonder and joy.

Inspired by traditional shadow puppetry from many Asian countries, The night of the hiding moon will inspire young readers to not only make their own shadow puppets but also create their own stories.

This book, published by NLA, also includes a section on how to make your own puppets, what these shadow puppets look like in the real world and how the stories are told.

Creating puppets at home or at school are great ways to inspire children to be storytellers. Puppets can be simple or elaborate and all you need is cardboard and a stick!

So while you are at home over the next few weeks, grab some paper, grab some sticks and make some puppets to use during the day behind an old sheet or just before bedtime with a torch!


  • Use random pictures or try Sue Whiting’s – adventure in a story instagram page for a new image every day to inspire some storytelling.

  • Make up your own stories as to why butterflies have wings or snakes do not have legs.

  • Read through the books you have at home and create a puppet show from the main ideas.

Great puppet websites:


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