Squidge Dibley Destroys the School by Mick Elliott

The class of 6PU sounds like a teacher’s worst nightmare yet a students most wonderful dream but it isn’t until a kid named Squidge Dibley turns up that things get even crazier!

Mick Elliott has written another great fiction book for young to middle grade readers – a book which can help readers to move away from the high illustration, lots of conversation style books into more sustained text and character development. 

Squidge Dibley is a very fun book, kids will laugh and perhaps see their own class between the pages but most of all they will see that funny books do not have to be filled with whole page spreads of pictures!

Lots of stinks, lots of pranks, lots of silly jokes but best of all an AWESOME kid hero, that all readers will love – and who of course, saves the day from the clutches of the worst teacher ever – now which child wouldn’t like that?

Highly recommended for your reluctant readers and those who just can’t get away from the younger books such as Bad Guys, Weirdo or Hot Dog. This book will show them that they can continue to read funny stories, see pictures yet gain so much more! 


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