Stardust school of dance: Bertie the Ninja Dancer

What do you get when you cross some cool ninja moves with some beautiful music?

You get Bertie Black  – the latest attendee at Stardust school of dance who not only loves to dance but loves a bit of adventure and ninja moves.

Younger readers will love this first book in Zanni Louise’s Junior Fiction series – Stardust school of dance.

Bertie Black has just moved in with her step family and hates it. She misses her mum dearly and clings onto anything she can just to have a glimpse of her.

As fate would have it, Bertie accidentally stumbles across Stardust school of dance and the glorious teacher, Madame Martine. Through Madame Martine and the other dancers she meets along the way she learns to love who she is, grow in confidence and see her new step family as part of her new life. 

Bertie the Ninja Dancer in the Stardust School of Dance series is a must read for early readers and those who not only love dance but love friendship, adventure and being themselves. It is a great book to show young readers that believing in who you are is just as important as loving those around you. 


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