Little Bilby’s Easter Egg Hunt written by Yvonne Mes and Illustrated by Jodi Pratt

Near bush and scrub and oceanfront, they tiptoe on their Easter hunt.

We’ve heard about the Easter Bilby, but have you heard of all of the friends the Bilby has around the Australian bush?

This delightful rhyming board book engages young readers with the colours and sparkles which adorn the pages.

Children will be exposed to repetition of adjectives to describe different types of eggs and positional language.

Children will also be exposed to onomatopoeia as they listen to the different sounds that the animals whose eggs are laying about come back to look after them.

This book not only is a great way to explore the season of Easter and the Australian wildlife who do lay eggs, it’s also a great way to teach different aspects of language.

Little Bilby’s Aussie Easter egg hunt is a wonderful book to share for babies to 6 year olds and a great way to start that Easter feeling at home and in the classroom! 

Teaching tips

Language focus

Adjectives – look for them and create some more!

Onomatopoeia – Does this sound right? What other words suit the animals? Or other animals?

Positional language – where are the eggs, how are they looking for them? Create a word wall.

Science focus

Which animals lay eggs in Australia?


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