Girls can Fly by Sally Morgan and Ambelin Kwaymullina

Girls can fly. Stretch out your arms. 

Aim for your dreams. Believe in your wings. 

Breathe in the sky. Fly High.

Girls need this. Their parents need this. The world needs this.

With so much out there in the media, beaming down upon growing girls more than ever, this small book of short affirmations and advice is perfect for any girl who is unsure of where she stands.

Girls can Fly has been created by Sally Morgan and her daughter Amber Kwaymullina in conjunction with the Kimberley Girl program. This program is for young indigenous girls who live in the Kimberley and Pilbara. The program supports finding the right pathway and leadership. It gives girls of these regions the opportunity to evoke change in a positive way with support from elders and their peers.

Each double page spread starts with a strong affirmations such as:

Girls can do anything

Always, always, always like yourself

Talk things out

And then continues on with prose that sends a strong and positive message to all young women out there that everything will be ok.

Sage advice is given to teach girls that crying is ok and talking it out is even better. Girls will see that surrounding yourself with not only positive people is important but also positive thoughts.

The small illustrations are colourful and spread a positive message throughout the advice, giving this book an up beat feeling of love, care and hope.

All girls, from a young age need books like this. It is something they can refer to in a gentle way and doesn’t involve them having to do anything more than just read.

It is those quiet and off screen moments that can make us change our pathway into a more positive and hopeful one.

Girls can Fly is a must have book for any young girl or women and one to be shared, passed around and read in those moments where self doubt lies ahead.


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