I’m ready for the new baby. Illustrated by Jedda Robaard

Am I ready to be a big sister?

This is a delightful new book to add to the ‘I’m ready’ series published by Penguin Books and illustrated by Jedda Robaard.

This time young children can explore the concept of becoming a big brother or sister and the joy it can bring.

Fear or worry isn’t really discussed in this book but rather the positive aspects of having a new baby at home and the fun responsibilities it can bring.

The child in this story is filled with wonder questions and is eager to help teach the new baby everything she knows.

As the story progresses we learn about the involvement this child has in welcoming the new baby and how they are just as important as the new baby is.

The ‘I’m ready’ series are great books to share with younger readers as they hit the mark on the big topics in the little people’s lives.

Jedda Robaard’s illustrations in this book really capture the emotions this big sister is going through in the lead up to meeting her new baby brother. She incoporates little illustrations that young children will relate to including bikes, toys and flowers. These links are a great way to engage children into the story and really feel that this book is a part of their life too.

I’m ready for the New Baby is a great addition to the ‘I’m ready’ series, and a great gift to give to a little one waiting for a new family arrival!


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