The Tiny Star by Mem Fox and Freya Blackwood

Once upon a time, although this happens all the time, a tiny star fell to earth.

The Tiny Star is a beautiful story showing the beauty of birth, life and death. Illustrated perfectly by Freya Blackwood, this story celebrates life, love and loss – and hope.

A star falls to earth and becomes a baby. Everyone loves it, cares for it and watches it grow. The child runs, jumps, plays and learns as it makes friends and its own family. It is loved and adored and loves and adores others too.

This story is a celebration of life and of loved ones. It shows us that the love we feel for others, even when they are gone never leaves us and we only have to look up and around to see that they will always be there.

Freya Blackwood’s illustrations add so much more depth and detail to the story. The soft touches exude love and the relationships humans have with eachother. 

This book is a wonderful book to share with young children to show them that love is always around them, that they are all unique and special and that someone is always thinking of them – no matter how far away.

What else can you do?

  1. Explore the images in this story and how they add more to the story. Think about how the story could have looked different with other interpretations of the text.
  2. How can a star symbolise hope? How does a star symbolise life?
  3. Why are grandparents important in our lives?

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